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What will I get paid?

Audio typing is paid 'per audio minute', which means that you will be paid for the length of the file and not how long it has taken you to transcribe. An intelligent verbatim file with a 24 hr deadline is paid at 60p PAM (Per Audio Minute).


How will I take on work?

We use an automated workflow system which contains all the file and deadline information.  You simply login and claim as many files as you can return within their individual deadlines.

What we are looking for:


Excellent written English (degree/native speaker level) and a very solid understanding of grammar, correct punctuation and spelling. 

Software to transcribe audio/video files, along with a foot pedal and good quality headphones. 

A good proofreader, taking pride in returning a transcript that is of the highest level of accuracy and includes all the correct agency formatting.

Excellent attention to detail, including researching brand names and technical terms. 

A fast and reliable internet connection.

You will need to be able to transcribe 10-15 mins of audio within roughly 1 hr. If you use speech recognition software, that's not a problem, but you will be expected to proofread your work the same as a typist who doesn't use software to complete their file.

Usually the base rate for completing a 60 min audio file is 60p PAM (Per Audio Minute), which equates to £36 for that 60 min file. For the newbies, audio transcription work is paid by the file length and not how long it takes you to transcribe the file.

Our deadlines range from 24 hrs to 10 days, and our PAM rates increase with deadline and number of voices.


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