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Speaker Identification


Our standard speaker IDs are:


I - Interviewer

R - Respondent

M - Male

F - Female


There are many ways to format speaker IDs and the above examples are there just to give you an idea of what to expect as our standard template. We can use whatever ID format you require.



All of the transcripts have ten minute time stamps added to them for free.


If you need specific time stamps, please let us know in advance and we can adjust your quote for you.


Inaudibles and Phonetic Guesses


When a single word or a few words can't be heard they are marked as '***' and are timestamped.


Phonetic guesses are only used when the typist doesn't know the term, and research hasn't helped with the spelling.  All phonetic markers are timestamped and enclosed within brackets.


Although the transcript styles may be different, they do share some basics.  Below you can read how speakers are identified, what timecodes are included and how inaudibles are marked.


Transcript Style and Formats


There are four main styles, and they are intelligent verbatim, verbatim, summary and discourse analysis.


We can transcribe your file using our standard template, or we can use your template.  We can also create and keep a template for your work.